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A pioneering cloud based

Collaborative Clinical Skills 


Competency Evaluation System

LogIT System 

Designed for medical institutions to adopt

Competency Based Medical Education (CBME) framework

faster & effortlessly.

your students effectively & efficiently. 

What is the LogIT System?

LogIT System combines a 

A Secure Cloud Portal (lite)

(for faculty to Monitor, Evaluate & Grade students)

LogIT lite Cloud Portal


A Robust Mobile Application (lite)

(for students to log their clinical & non-clinical activities)

LogIT lite Mobile Application

LogIT lite Mobile app is designed to work like a log-book to help students log their clinical and non-clinical activities.

The app has numerous other facilities to help students excel in the academic pursuit. The records created on the app can be digitally signed by the institution and exported when they graduate.

Who should use the LogIT system?

LogIT System is designed for medical institutions interested in nurturing next generation, thoroughly skilled doctors who are capable of excelling in the toughest of the toughest clinical settings.

LogIT System is a novel digital platform for continuous evaluation of students in every clinical settings imaginable. It has inbuilt tools for conducting a data-supported, thorough evaluation for your students in real-time using the in-built tools  for conducting Self, Peer and Entrustable Professional Attributes Evaluation.

LogIT System follows certain globally accepted competency assessment rating systems for conducting these evaluations. Every activity the student performs is pro-actively tracked and graded on a highly customisable and expandable assessment platform.


Below are some of the key features of the LogIT PRO System...

360 Degree Skill & Competency Evaluation

Now analyse your student's academic and professional performance with over 100 data-points generated in real-time.

LogIT System has provisions to record self, peer and entrustable professional attributes in various clinical scenario.

Easily Link Competency To Clinical Practise

Make decisions that matter. With real-time data in your hands, now you are able to easily link competency and skill of your students to the clinical practice.

Easily Log Clinical & Non-Clinical Activities

LogIT Systems has an easy to use mobile app (Android & IOS versions). Your students can easily navigate through the app and effortlessly log their clinical and non-clinical activities. 

Activities that are scheduled as part of the work allocator are automatically assigned to the respective students and are shown as reminders on the Mobile App's alerts page. All such clinical activities are pro-actively tracked as part of the Work Scheduler System using the proprietary AI driven algorithm Compass North.

Personalised Learning Materials

Your students can get access to a multitude of personalised learning materials from world-leaders in medical digital learning content.

Purchase digital learning materials, subscribe to podcasts, listen to online discussions and lectures right from the mobile app.

Personalised Progress Monitor 

Your students can now view their progress in real-time. LogIT System has various features in-built into the app for students to check and compare their performance in real-time, as they progress through their academic programmes.

Broaden Your Professional Network

LogIT System is designed by doctors for doctors. One of the main objectives of the LogIT System is to help grow a professional network, an eco-system that can immensely help doctors of the future in various ways.

LogIT System has an inbuilt, highly secure network communication system. You, now have the facility to share, like and comment on posts that are created inside the LogIT System, much like the popular social media platform, the Facebook.

Online Tests & Virtual Grading 

Conduct tests in various formats (multiple choice, video based or subjective type) and get them virtually graded on the go...

LogIT System has provisions for you to upload and elicit your student's response directly on the app. 

You may also purchase curated testing material from various leading digital learning content providers directly on the portal.

Real-Time Attendance Marking

Now, your students have a facility on the mobile app to mark their attendance in meetings, scheduled procedures, ward visits, etc., in real-time.

All such clinical activities are proactively tracked.

Real-Time Interaction & Feedback

An important feature of the LogIT System. Now your students can receive real-time feedback on their performance as they progress through their academic programmes.

Setup a review-panel for reviewing the performance of your students, set the frequency of such reviews and most importantly, communicate the reviews instantaneously to your students.

Vast Collection Of Medical & Surgical Procedures

LogIT System has several medical & surgical procedures and programme specific skills already inbuilt into the system.

Yours students just have to check-mark the skills they have learned on the-go...

This activity is proactively tracked as part of the Work Scheduler System using the proprietary AI driven algorithm Compass North.

Record, Develop & Share Digital Content 

Record, Develop and Share on-line content. LogIT System has several on-lines tools for you to create your online learning materials. 

You can rent/buy A/V equipments from LogIT to create your own digital learning content.

Drugs & Diseases Search  

Search for over 1,45,000 over-the-counter drugs, their  interaction and dosages details. Detailed information on  50,000 diseases and disease related conditions are also searchable directly from the app. 

Information provided here is regularly updated.

Easily Export Records On The Go... 

LogIT PRO & LogIT lite mobile app is designed to work like a log-book. If your university is a participant in the LogIT System, then your students can easily export their clinical and non-clinical records and easily meet the graduating-degree requirements at the click of a button the on the app.

Secure Online Storage & Intra-App Migration

LogIT PRO and LogIT lite mobile app have provisions for your students to store their records on Secure Cloud Servers

They can retrieve their data instantly using our Secure Connection Services on the go... 

With the LogIT System, there is also the possibility for your students to migrate to the LogIT lite mobile app upon their graduation, and continue to record their clinical and non-clinical activities on the lite version of the mobile app.

Guaranteed Data Security

LogIT System uses the latest encryption tools such as Signed URL, HTTPS connection to the cloud portal, parallel login restriction on both mobile app and cloud portal, single registered device access for mobile app users, screen capture restriction on mobile app, Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) for cloud portal users.

Your digital content is securely stored on the cloud server. Every participating members of your institution can assess your institutions digital content right from the portal using a MFA key.

24x7 Tech Support

LogIT System provides 24x7 remote tech support. Our teams are on stand-by to help resolve any technical issues that you may have. 

We also regularly provide webinar courses for our subscribing members.

Plans & Pricing

Prices are based on the academic programme.

Select a plan that best suits your requirements or get in touch with us to customise your plan...